Frontend React developer

We are creating innovative multilevel marketplace with integration of Blockchain technology and the systems of product analysis. The core of the project: isomorphic react application, building API in RoR. We work with JIRA, Bitbucket, Slack

The taskks for the period of preparation and implementation of the ICO (now we are here):
making timely changes into the existing landing of Storiqa project;
integration with API Google Analytics and Ethereum.
Вy the way, landing page was made on Bootstrap.

The tasks after the ICO: developing and supporting the web-based customer service applicatin, integration with back-end systems by using a REST API.
The application is made with our library of web widgets and components.
Тhe applied technologies are the following: ES6, React, Redux, SASS, Webpack, Node.js, pm2, yarn.

The candidates will get the bonus points for:
the ability to work with git and to resolve conflicts;
the ability to write the Bash-scripts for the daily routine tasks;
an experience of developing the isormorphic server-side rendered applications;
literacy, basic knowledge of typography, design and UX;
the ability to ask questions, to improve oneself and share experience with co-workers;
participation in open-source projects.

Terms and conditions:
professional growth;
an opportunity of working from home once a week;
a personal Apple Mac with additional monitors;
within the period of the ICO procedure to be prepared to make changes operatingво 24/7;
having a company share in tokens;
the salary volume according to the results of the job interview.
Ключевые навыки
от 220 000 руб.